Beira’s Place offers a range of free training courses that we deliver online or in person in your workplace.  Our training includes a half-day session on Vicarious Trauma for workers who may be supporting survivors.  Please contact us to discuss training if you are interested.

You can also phone our office on 0131 526 3944 Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm or email us on for information or advice on supporting a survivor or to discuss possible training for your team or workplace.

You can also complete our online referral form below.

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  • Defining ‘trauma informed practice’ Trauma informed practice is “A model that is grounded in and directed by a complete understanding of how trauma exposure affects service users’ neurological, biological, psychological, and social development.” The impact of trauma on the physical and mental health of survivors has been known and understood for decades ...


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  • A Guardian ‘Opinion’ article on April 2023[1] highlighted the impact of receiving unsolicited sexual images by phone. The writer’s first paragraphs read: “I was travelling home on the London Underground when more than 100 unsolicited images of an erect penis, sent over Apple’s Airdrop, appeared on my phone. The Bluetooth enabled feature only works ...

  • If you have just been raped you want to get some information about where you can get medical treatment, support, and how you can report to the police if you decide to do so. Your physical safety and wellbeing Rape is a crime of violence, an exertion of power and control, and a ...

  • Welcome to Beira’s Place - Edinburgh Women’s Sexual Assault Support Centre. We’re glad that you have come to us for support. We will do all we can to offer you the support you need, and we welcome your feedback on the service you receive from us so that we can continue to improve our ...

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